Recently I had a project where I had to run several thousand different tests of an algorithm with ranges of different parameter values. Each of these tests takes between 5-40min to run on a single CPU. This is a fairly common scenario, and one that can be quite easily tackled with the massive parallelism offered by distributed computing clusters.

Below is my emacs configuration generated from its source repo. This version is generated from commit . Preface This repo contains my emacs configuration in a literate org-mode file This config is based on Doom emacs. Installation This repo should be cloned to ~/.doom.d and Doom should be cloned to ~/.emacs.d. needs to be tangled before doom installation so that init.el is produced and Doom knows what modules to use.

Hello world

I’m planning on using this website/blog as a place for me to post anything that I develop or create, as well as share about how I work and what I’m working on. I’m still trying to lock down the exact content I’ll be posting, but I have a few ideas and I’ll see how they go. You can find more information about me here and a list of my current projects on here.